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Today in Music.

On this Day September 30, 2003
An auction of the contents of Sir Elton John's London home raised more than £1.4 million. An oil painting, entitled Madison Square Park, sold for £67,200, and a 19th Century portrait of Lieutenant George Dyer, painted by James Northcote in 1817, fetched £55,200. Sir Elton sold off the items so he could redecorate his home in a more modern style. More on Elton John

On this Day September 30, 1967
The UK's first National pop radio station, BBC Radio 1, was launched in the UK to take over from the very successful pirate radio stations, which had been forced off-air by the Government. Former pirate DJ Tony Blackburn, from Radio Caroline, was the first presenter on air, with The Move's Flowers In The Rain the first record to be played. More on Radio 1

On this Day September 30, 1967

Edmonton ( Northern Alberta ) Music Scene.

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This weeks featured band

Paula Perro Project


aula Perro’s smooth yet unrestrained vocals are threaded with dulcet tones – a smoky sultriness rarely heard these days. She’s a sassy belter with a refreshingly genuine and captivating musical sensibility, and delivers a show with abundant heart and soul every time she hits the stage. Her energy is infectious.

Growing up in St. John’s, Paula built her musical foundation on Celtic, Country and Newfoundland Folk, but she was also heavily influenced by her older siblings who loved all the infam

...

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