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Today in Music.

On this Day August 30, 2013
Cinema's across the UK were handing out earplugs to parents taking their children to see One Directions new film. Accompanying chaperones could enjoy One Direction: This Is Us 3D without being worried by the high-levels of expected screaming and shouting in the auditoriums during the screenings. Humans are capable of screaming as loud as 120 decibels, which is the same as standing next to a running chainsaw.

On this Day August 30, 2011
Alleging that Elvis Presley "was unjustly exploited during his lifetime by his record company," his estate announced a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Arista Music, formerly RCA Records, demanding proper payment over new media income such as ringtones, downloads and entertainment apps. More on Elvis Presley

On this Day August 30, 2007
Rap star Lil Wayne was sued by a woman for $1m who claimed she was crushed at one of his concerts after a large amount of cash was thrown into the audience. Tyrique Layne, then 17, said she lost consciousness after being trampled by the crowd at a gig in Maryland in October 2006, and had suffered memory loss and severe headaches.

Edmonton ( Northern Alberta ) Music Scene.

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This weeks featured band

Gibson Block


amed after a historical building of their local heritage, The Gibson Block is Edmonton’s newest original rock and roll project that is sure to gather quick attention! With nearly 4 years of gigs as the cover band All The King’s Men, the group has already opened for bands such as Mother Mother, U.S.S., and Rocky Mountain Rebel Music. This 4-piece ensemble met while attending Grant MacEwan University’s Music Program. Although jazz, funk, and blues were a dominant discipline of the program, the ban

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