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Why Advertise with Barsnbands.com?

Barsnbands.com reaches your audience. We are Western Canada's 'go to guide' for the live music scene with a daily guide to all of the live music events, concerts schedules, local and international music news as well as local band & venue information. With our website, our facebook network & twitter accounts, Barsnbands.com maximizes your oppourtunity to reach the 18 - 55 age group of active individuals in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer as well as the rest of Alberta, Vancouver Island, Vancouver (Mainland B.C. ) and the surrounding areas with disposable income. We combine our social media networking tools to drive the traffic to our site and ultimately to your business. Our website advertising is the quickest and most cost effective way of doing just that. 

Our audience

100% of our readers/viewers are fans of live local music and the related industry.


$300 weekly print ad - A typical ad placed within the pages of the weekly paper/magazine. A reader would see your ad if they navigate to the page your ad is on. Your ad would be seen only once per reader.

Most weekly newspapers base their advertising rates on the circulation ( copies printed ) and that each newspaper is read 5 to 20 times over.  

( see #5 readers per copy from Measuring audiences to printed publications - www.audience dialogue.net ) - link will open in new window 


Digital ad on Barsnbands.com - A simmilar $300 weekly ad ( billed monthly ) on barsnbands.com is interactive and can be seen multiple times per Readers/viewer.

Interactive -Readers/viewers can click on the ad and be directed to more information on your brand ( eg. your website or specific content )

Your  ad will be seen multiple times by each reader/viewer. Further exposing your brand and each ad view is tracked by our software so there is no guessing to the actual viewership of the ad. You pay only when your ad is viewed. It's that simple.


Our ad pricing is based on the industry average of $4 per 1000 impressions or $4/cpm. This is a very reasonable advertising rate to get your brand message out to our audience. Digital advertising provides huge cost savings back to the advertiser as we do not have the overhead of printing, delivery and staffing costs.

We will build a campaign around your budget. With campaigns starting as little as $400 month and a full coverage campaign for $1200 ( 300,000 monthly ad impressions ).

Ad space

Based on your advertising budget with us we will build an ad/ads to be placed throughout our site. We have many focused area's within the Barsnbands.com site to effectively display your brand. We will discuss these options with you prior to campaign start. 

Ad design

All artwork and production is included with all campaigns.

Standard Ad sizes ( link opens in new window )

Website Design and Social Media Management

Barsnbands.com builds and manages websites for Music Venues at reasonable prices. We'll make sure your website is always up to date and patrons know what's going on so you can focus on running your business and not worry about the online stuff. Below are some links to our work and what we can offer.

Website Design and Management - eg. Edmonton Rock Music Festival  Shakers Roadhouse

Event Calendar Integration

Event Calendar Integration - Tired of having an outdated Event Calendar? Stay up to date with our integrated Calendar Feature

( for existing websites or ones we manage for you ) eg. Shakers Roadhouse  New West Hotel  LB's Pub


Barsnbands.com Corporate Partners/Advertisers

If you have any questions or would like to advertise with us

please fill out the short form below and we will contact you.

Cam Edwards