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Annihilator 'Rippin Through Canada 2017' with guests Mason, Mutank @ The Starlite Room

This event is expired ( Jun 17, 2017 )

New studio album, new lineup and summer/headline tours.
Legendary Canadian thrash/heavy metal masters Annihilator will release their brand new (and 15th!) studio album, "SUICIDE SOCIETY", on September 18th, 2015 via UDR Music, worldwide.
As usual, guitar wizard Jeff Waters handles all songwriting duties, plays all guitar & bass, engineers, produces, mixes and masters "Suicide Society"… and Waters is also back commanding lead vocal duties, as he did on the critically acclaimed "King of the Kill" (1994), "Refresh the Demon" (1996), "Remains" (1997) and other Annihilator albums over the years.
Waters on his return to vocal duties: "Dave (Padden/vocalist from 03-14) & I have, essentially, been Annihilator since 2003 but he resigned last December, citing having had enough of touring, being away from home and other commitments. I thank him for his 11 years with Annihilator. That said, Annihilator and I are known for never giving up and, occasionally, coming up with something even better than its former offering(s): this is undeniably the case with "Suicide Society!"
Listen to some clips from "SUICIDE SOCIETY" and see the CD cover here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBLCphofEn8
With "Suicide Society", Annihilator goes headfirst into some of the most technically perfect, crisp, and crushingly taut, riffage Waters has ever produced. Although Waters' vocals keep traces of stylings from his "King of the Kill" album, they now evoke a surprising blend of legends such as Staley, Osbourne, Hetfield and Mustaine. This, in a twisted way, mirrors Waters' signature blend of riffing, drums grooves and bass; all drawing from multiple sources and genres.
Waters has built a worldwide reputation as being a premier guitarist and songwriter; the conciseness and arrangement of "Creepin' Again" is both an air-guitarist's dream and a sharp reminder of this. The gloriously-brutal thrash of "My Revenge" calls up a vintage of '85 with the technical chops of 2015. The neo-classic title track defiantly expresses anger at the state of world affairs, while offering up hope in closing. With the multi-layered power of the anthem "Snap", Waters illustrates the diversity of Annihilator's sound, without sacrificing one decibel of attack.
"Metal fans will likely sport evil, satisfied grins on their faces, when they hear this record" chuckles Waters, "but in the words of Joe Perry: "Let the Music Do the Talking"! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBLCphofEn8
The full-track listing is:
Suicide Society
My Revenge
Creepin' Again
Narcotic Avenue
The One You Serve
Break, Enter
Death Scent
Every Minute
Metal fans all across the world are aware of Annihilator's stellar, energetic and "real" live shows. Drum monster Mike Harshaw continues on for his 4th year with the band, one familiar name returns & another is born: bassist Cam Dixon (from "King of the Kill" era) returns to the fold & guitarist Aaron Homma makes his debut with the band.
Aside from the band's upcoming, scheduled devastation at some of Europe's mega-summer festivals (ex. Wacken Open Air), Annihilator will be headlining Europe this fall on their "EUROPE IN THE BLOOD" tour 2015. Talks are underway to bring the band to South America, Japan and likely North America in 2016.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Thrash metal band Mason delivers commanding performances throughout the National and International Metal scene. Drawing influence from The Big Four and The Bay Area, Mason encapsulates the 80′s thrash sound mixed with fast tempos and a dominating rhythm section. The band continue to crush audiences across the globe with their driving force and energetic stage presence, creating a powerful fan base.

In 2011 Mason released their self titled EP, followed by their debut album, ‘Warhead’ in 2013 which features ten tracks including guest guitarist Jeff Loomis from Arch Enemy, Nevermore and Various Solo albums.

The band proceeded with National tours of Australia including support slots with Havok and Accept, then shortly after supported Revocation to kick off the first show of their highly successful 2014 Asian tour, leaving audiences wanting more.

Not sparing a minute, Mason jumped straight back into the studio to record their second release, ‘Unmerciful’, which will be released in 2016. ‘Unmerciful’ is the perfect follow up, showcasing the band’s ability to fuse fast, aggressive metal and melodic guitar work that will captivate and reinforce Mason’s stronghold on a global level.

Listen up, Scumbags! You want loud, in your face, no-nonsense crossover thrash from another planet? MUTANK is here to tell you they don't care what you want! Fast-riffs? Check! Rippin' solos Check! Disestablishmentarianistic poser-bashing revelry? Check yo'self, FOOL! Stop living a fucking lie, stop giving a fuck what people think and prepare for some neck-aerobics. This is MUTANK!

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