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The Weber Brothers @ The Vat

The Weber Brothers @ The Vat

This event is expired ( Sep 14, 2017 )

Tickets are $10. Available at The Vat.

For more info call: (403) 346-5636

Proof Rock's behind the decks spinning Biggie Smalls & I'm in a booth table of the bar coyzing up to a dark haired brunette that even Leonard Cohen's son wants to sleep & sing with, when Ryan Webber leans & recites "Kick Down the Door" word for word as another Toronto night sinks into tomorrow's AM like the Titanic.

That's far beyond just the tip of the iceberg , or the humble beginnings of sex with just the tip, The Webber Brothers are the Juke Box & the ghetto blasters love children from south of the boarder adopted by grey goose Canada and an old grey hawk who needed his barn painted & the best band & the land.

Pitcher a circus post second world war, set up in a farmer's field. I'm in the country-pie-union-leader audience drunk on home brew whisky,eating pop corn dressed like a newsboy with a knowledge of counting cards & Robert Johnson watching & listening to the death of auto tuning.
The clown's, hi wire acts, spoon benders & fire eaters have all come & gone... now on stage is two sets of brothers & the best organ player in rock & roll, as all the house wives & the city girls on-the-run-from-religious up-bringing's scream for " a bite of the big sexy cookie ".

This band transcends the "cover" song, & sends musicians to their rehearsal studio's to practice. Seeing them jive live is like seeing & them being Springsteen & The E street band in 1977 England , James Brown at the Apollo in 63, The Beatles in Hamberg in 61 & the Hawks in Hamilton in 56. No other honey-in-the-hive live act takes other artist songs to the original artist level mastery in there prime, ,The Weber Brothers build a time machine to show you that moment in magic you would have missed, cause of your age & birth date of this area.

Now Proof Rock's spinning a guest rap by Andrew 3000 on Kendrick Lamar tune and Sam webber is packing up his electric guitar, turns to me & we shake hands. We just played the last show of a short tour & over a hip-hop beat he says "that pretty much makes us friends for life, I believe."

Woman are texting me as I write wondering what I'm doing tonight on the west coast of Canada 3 hrs from Seattle, but I'm busy scribbling an outlaw love letter to the brothers of boom, the invaders of sound & space, the renegades & hero's of this generation, as a time machine covered in snow sits in a drive way in Peterborough Ontario..
"so Jesus get off the notorious"

Pretty soon I'll be kickin' down there door wavin' the 4/4.

Because The Weber Brothers are also the future in the big shoes of the past, & I love'em.

- c.r avery

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No Minors permitted
Cover Charge: Tickets are $10. Available at The Vat.
Tickets available at venue

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