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Charly Yapo

Radical Sound thwart the rules of the creation.
Charly Yapo, Ivory Coast bass player and composer, is all-out Radical Sound, a warm and textured music. Is presenting, a rarely seen formula where it is the bass player who is made the one-man band. Indeed far from the style Jean Leloup with whom he works since 2002.
Radical Sound. This sound, anchored in African reggae, enriches the musical texture as it enables the musician to explore different styles within a same tune. As the guitar improvises “rocker” style, the saxophone flirts with salsa and the bass guitar slides towards afro-pop. For Charly Yapo, the Radical Sound presented in this first Opus is entirely in the Tangara feeling. In other words, reggae served up in an afro, pop, funk, salsa, rock, jazz sauce…because largely influenced by jazz, soul, rock and even pop music, but conserving the rhythmic authenticity specific to African reggae, who allows him to thwart the rules of the creation.
Charly Yapo’s rhythmic sense and intelligence gives to is music a very particular flavor because he's mixing different styles and this, within the same song. Thus, invited artist, all from different horizons and styles, come together harmoniously.
As we listen we realize that Charly Yapo’s music is the result of a long apprenticeship spent refining his creations. After many years in the making, he is finally ready.

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