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Sleeping Dogs Lie

From its very inception, SDL has been an all original band. Originaly formed in Victoria, BC, the band now headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
SDL first formed as a trio in 1998 playing shows in Victoria with hired guns filling in on bass and extra guitar. Original members Dale Collins and Don Restall had just finished up work on the Collins~Shaw Project with Uriah Heep lead singer Bernie Shaw. (Facebook/collinsshawproject). Teaming up with Trevor Richardson on lead vocals SDL began writing material and performing in early 1998.
After the release of a single/EP containing the two initial releases by the band, 'Slipping Away' and 'Simon Says' original founder/guitarist/songwriter, Dale Collins relocated to Edmonton to reform the show with new members.
The 'Dogs' are currently a six member band and are in rehearsals for new recordings and live shows. SDL are ; Bob Morrison, lead vocals; Glenn Harder, bass and vocals; Jason Gardenits, keyboards and vocals; Cel Perret, drums percussion; Willie Sewell, drums, percussion, keyboards and vocals; Dale Collins, guitars and vocals

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