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Acta Non Verba Band

Rob Hardy - saxophones
Tophie Davies - keyboard
Caleb Bradley - bass
Ian Bonyun - drums

Acta non Verba, the brainchild of Marek Czuba, Caleb Bradley and Bryan Facchin, started in 2010 as a recording project focused on creating thick production grooves and videos. The live band was put together to bring those songs to the public. Once assembled, however, the music started going places a studio project never could...

The Acta non Verba Band is now a stacked lineup. The rhythm section of bassist Caleb Bradley and drummer Ian Bonyun provide fearsome prog-inspired polyrhythmic grooves, while Tophie Davies' thick keyboard harmonies create a sweet psychedelic bed for the woodwinds and enigmatic poetry of Robbie V. Hardy.

With two studio albums, a new album composed and performed by the live band in the works, and a string of acclaimed shows (North Country Fair, Astral Harvest, Naked Cafe, Bohemia), the band is bringing a lush fusion of jazz, avant garde surrealism and progressive art rock to any audience ready to dance up a storm and have their minds blown.

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