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Lynne Chwyl Band

Four guys, two gals, one bold, bright blues band. Each member of the Lynne Chwyl Band (LCB) tread a different musical path, but the love of rockin power blues is where they merge to share their talents, dreams, artistic ideas, camaraderie, and passion for the soul speak of blues. The Lyme Chwyl Band were finalists in the 2018 Edmonton Blues Society Memphis Challenge Competition.

Lynne Chwyl - Lead Vocals - was born in Edmonton and was raised by her grandmother on a farm in rural Ardrossan. With no stereo or radio, Lynne’s early influences consisted of her Granny singing Irish folk tunes around the house. As a child, Lynne would stand on an overturned wooden orange crate in the pasture and sing dramatically for the cows under the cover of moonlight. As an adult, Lynne moved to “The Big City” (Edmonton), and sang secretly alone for the next 25 years. She called herself a closet singer. “I only sang in my car. Yeah, I was that crazy lady you see singing obliviously at the top of her lungs at a red light – that was me.” Her divorce and winning a local singing contest inspired her to join a band. After winning a vocal contest that earned her a spot on the Calgary International Blues Festival stage, Lynne has since performed at festivals, fundraisers, and most recently, recorded background vocals on Kenny Blues Boss Wayne’s most current CD “Inspired by the Blues”. She is now writing and recording her own debut CD. Lynne’s voice is dynamic, rich with grit and power to sweet and gentle – but always with the kind of emotion that only learning a lot of life’s lessons can bring.

The musicians who back her are fierce in their field, with histories that span back decades fraught with ‘the big guns’ in the business.

Dennis Meneely - keyboards/vocals - turned his musical abilities toward blues-based music as a result of the British Invasion of the 1960’s. His history has encompassed numerous projects with bands and musicians, recordings and tours. He recorded his first single at age 18, in Clovis, New Mexico, with producer Norman Petty and engineer Jimmy Gilmer (Buddy Holly, The Fireballs) in the same studio that Buddy Holly recorded all his hits. He was in his first Blues band in 1968. He claims, “If my first single had been a hit, I never would have learned about the Blues. Sometimes a little failure is worth the pain.”

Percy Marshall - guitar/vocals - is a lifetime resident of Edmonton and shreds an axe like he started playing in the crib! Well, almost! He was 9 when he started guitar lessons after seeing the Beatles on TV. Initially motivated by pop and rock music, he found blues through influences like Cream and Led Zepplin. He researched Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton’s influences and hence discovered BB King, Magic Sam, Robert Johnson, and Charlie Christian. Percy studied music and voice at Grant MacEwan University and has played in over 30 bands. In 2017, Percy was inducted into the Edmonton Legends of Music Hall of Fame. His playing style is a meld of all his influences, with some of his own unique techniques thrown in.

Jeff Bartlett - bass - is the band’s sexy bassist! He is tall, dark (by nature) and handsome, and when he isn’t laying down the grooves and pulling those sexy low notes, he’s riding motocross motorcycles – a lot! Now living in Edmonton, Jeff has been playing and touring professionally for years with country, rock, top 40, and dance bands. Today, Jeff is in a loving relationship with the blues and keeps the rest of the band in sync with his smoky grooves.

Rose Marie Siever - saxophone/vocals - is an accomplished saxophonist with a bachelor of music degree in Saxophone Performance from the University of Alberta. She has been a mainstay of the Edmonton music scene for many years, and has won first place in several saxophone competitions, including Saxophone Performance from the Bordeaux Conservatory in France. Rose Marie has the distinction of being one of 150 foreign saxophonists world-wide who studied with the incomparable Jean-Marie Londeix. Additionally, she has helped shape music outreach programs for elementary students and was a teaching musician herself! She is also an active clinician and private teacher. Rose Marie has gone on to perform with cover bands, playing saxophone and doing lead/back-up vocals. We are privileged to have her in the Lynne Chwyl Band.

Emmet VanEtten - drums/vocals - is a drummer extraordinaire. He has played with the likes of The Weber Brothers, Romi Mayes, Steve Strongman and the Legendary Ronnie Hawkins. Originally from Corning NY, he made Canada his home in 2006 and has been taking the country by storm ever since. To quote his mother, "He's a sweet boy. He means well, but often puts his foot in his mouth."

Lynne Chwyl
~ Music is the language of souls - words are optional ~

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