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ArbaChein is the catalyst for releasing your inner voice waiting to explode. Running with a synergetic mind, each song will dare you to remember the heart and soul behind the music. Our unpredictable writing style will entice you with bold, blunt lyrics and seducing powerhouse guitars. It will bring you into a world of remembering a land of forgotten passion.

The pyramid of sound starts with Mike’s inventive drumming forming the foundation for Vince to land his well constructed bass runs. Taking turns painting the canvas of percussion, Jeff and Dan yield their brushes delicately with luring solos and driving rhythms. Approaching the apex you are hit with a voice that commands attention, a mesmerizing tone that proves to have no limit. You can anticipate each layer of this mountain to collectively create an epic experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.

After the 2012 viral release of our first three songs “Cancer”, “Take me down” and “Crash”, ArbaChein got to work on recording their full length debut album. We have been working vigorously to release our masterpiece by late spring of 2014. You can expect to see ArbaChein around Calgary making their mark on

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