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Jayeson Andel

What I stand for:
I often get comments from all types of people noticing my passion for music, but rarely do I get asked why I'm so passionate about it. The only definitive answer I can give to that is that it has always been there. All of the other mediums that inspire me relate back to music; it's home. That home is a blend of nature and technology. An integration of the digital and analogue realms. Luxury. A sense of awe and amazement for the world around us. Simplicity versus complexity. Zen. This is my daily ritual and I'm here to share it with you.

Born in Kitchener, Ontario and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Jayeson Andel is Canadian from east to west! The musical background starts off with classical violin at the age of 5 with the support of parents to answer the desires to play. As part of the practice, certain sections of a piece would need to be played over and over with care to the technique and emotional feel. These riffs looped over and over (if they were interesting) were some of the most enjoyable parts, and tied with playing in quartets or orchestras, built the foundation for the style heard today. As highschool ended there was no dilemma as to what to do and what direction to take. Moving to British Colombia for school at The Art Institue of Vancouver, the classes filled in the gaps for the years of self taught knowledge leading up to it, and graduating has led back to residency in Edmonton again. The career moves ever forward and upwards with many more milestone's along the way.

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