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Creaking, bleak and articulate in its

fury, Idolatry perform dynamic black

metal that is at once cold and

calculating, and then a schizophrenic


Comprised of members from

Edmonton's finest pedigree of

extreme metal with singular vision to

be old Norway's soldier in Canada's

frozen tundra of misery. 

Live, Idolatry is corpse painted, spiked,

and manic, raiding crowds of their

attention to all else....terrifying.

At the pen, Idolatry is wise and ancient.

Heavily steeped in philosophy and the

defense of Atheistic Satanism and the

expulsion of abhorrent inner turmoil. 

Fear what is coming..... Lest the

mirrors paint your face in our madness.

Photos courtesy of - Kevin Eisenlord photography -

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