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Infilm is an experimental rock band that creates an especial atmosphere with eclectic and compelling music. A band composed of 3 musicians, Infilm recorded their first full-length album, "Emporium" at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York in May 2014 which was released in July 2014. Rising in popularity, Infilm is being recognized as a one of the most innovative bands coming out of Calgary as each live performance houses a capacity crowd. Infilm promises to encapture their fans with a humble, yet unique musical style.

Zach Howie // Drum and Synth Programming, Guitar, Rhodes Piano, Synth, Zither, Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Voice.

Samantha Pekarchuk // Voice, Synthesizer, Vocal Effects.

Keegan Sawatzky // Bass Guitar, Acoustic Drums, Percussion.

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