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Jesse Roper

Roper was born and raised in the rural community of Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada. He first started playing the guitar at age six when his father bought him a guitar after he had showed interest in playing. At age nine he met Colin James at a show in Victoria, BC. Roper did not, however, play on stage again until his late-twenties due to a fear of public performance. "I was scared to go on stage or play in front of people," he stated in 2014. "My buddies in high school all knew I played guitar, but I kind of hid it away. I had no desire to play in a band. It was very closeted for me." Before deciding to pursue a career as a professional musician Roper worked at various jobs, including working as a painter for eight years, but found that he "was busy, but wasn't happy."

In 2009, Roper began playing professionally as the front man of The Roper Show. The Roper Show initially featured Jesse Roper on guitar, Steve Linger on drums, and Travis Taylor on bass. The Roper Show recorded their first album, '’The Roper Show EP'’, on which Roper played guitar and bass and Steve Linger played drums, in 2011.The band broke up shortly thereafter, but was reunited when Jesse returned from Toronto and recorded Son of John. After the release of Son of John, The Roper Show became the The Zone 91.3 band of the month in August 2013. During the summer of 2014, The Roper Show a number of music festivals on Vancouver Island, including Rifflandia Music Festival, Sunfest,Tall Tree Music Festival, and Rock the Shores. His third studio album, Redbird, will be released in November 2014.

After The Roper Show broke up in 2011, Jesse moved from Victoria BC to Toronto to pursue a music career as a solo artist.[14] Though he returned to Victoria and reunited with Linger for the second album release, he has continued to perform as a solo artist.

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