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Spaceport Union


Formed in the far reaches of the universe by the fusion of powerful West Coast talent, a formidable pulse of pure energy is set to make contact at the speed of light and transport you to astral dimensions of avant-garde, on waves of sound that appeal to even the most discerning of audiophiles.

The mysterious and eccentric, Spaceport Union, will whisk you away on a compelling cosmic voyage with their eclectic amalgamation of progressive art rock. Let yourself defy gravity as you are drawn into celestial planes diffused with experimental instrumentation and novel sound ideas, very much in the trail of past greats such as the Alan Parsons Project, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Spaceport Union is a brilliant constellation of diverse talents including award-winning goth and art-rocker Caroline Spence, on guitars, keys and vocals; multi-instrumentalist Adam Basterfield (who also moonlights in the Pink Floyd tribute,'Pigs'), on lead guitar, keys and vocals, 'in the pocket' drummer, Taylor Charles, and with deep, rhymthmic grooves, bassist and harmony vocalist, Aaron St.Arnault. Along with the sheer energy and dynamic force of their live performance, the band effortlessly transcend the mainstream and connect listeners to the realm of the timeless.

Spence’s evocative and powerfully resonant vocals meld seamlessly with the solid grooves laid down by Charles and St.Arnault. Put together with Basterfield’s virtuoso guitar and expansive vocal stylings, the result is a satisfying yet unique harmony of auditory sensations reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Phish, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead and My Morning Jacket.

Contemplative, heartfelt, thought-provoking lyrics dance around the dynamic ebb and flow of the diverse instrumentation, twisting and weaving through the melodic trajectory, breaking through an atmospheric wall of sound that builds to an exhilarating explosion, then lets you drift back into a gentle orbit.

Ride with Spaceport Union to stellar heights and be transported by the sheer energy of the timeless, aural tapestry of their creations. Be ready to be transported and transfixed by the transcendent vibes of... Spaceport Union


Music… is a journey. The desire to experiment freely is akin to being a member of Ulysses’ crew upon his voyage homeward. It is something mystical, it is winding, it is like the rising heat on a summer’s field. We, as members of Spaceport Union, have embodied these expressions; we have embraced the freedom of musical adventure.

Our drives towards these grand desires originated long before our individual, physical parts ever met. These drives exist through every piece of music exposed to us, just as each breath urges us forward. Spaceport Union is a dynamic group with these results, a coalition of ingenuity and creativity. Perhaps this copacetic congruence existed previously, as parts of hydrogen, helium or nitrogen that cause cataclysmic events within a star or the ever expanding universe. This has since diluted into our mortal, fibrous selves, all intertwined in an embrace with a common lover, music.

Spaceport Union is comprised by a quartet, one delicious slice of pie no tastier than the next, and all equal in the development of our musical statements. Spaceport Union is the melded experience, talent and creative inspiration of the following 4 musicians:

Adam Basterfield - guitars, keys, vocals

Taylor Charles - drums

Aaron St. Arnault - bass, trumpet, vocals

Caroline Spence - guitars, keys, saw, vocals

We are Spaceport Union.

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