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A Gentleman's Pact

Canadian punk is defined by it’s isolation: no one knows small towns better than punks from the rural prairies. A Gentleman’s Pact is no different, they were born and raised in the small town of Beaumont, AB. Blending punk with folk-rock influences fuels A Gentleman’s Pact’s honest lyrics, depicting mostly true stories of loss, heartbreak, and the struggle to define one’s identity.

The early and untimely death of best friends, romantic heartbreak, and overcoming addiction are just some of the experiences A Gentleman's Pact draws from when creating music. The band’s debut EP, Sorry For The Mess I've Made was released in August 2015. A soft release of the title track allowed the band to share their music with the masses. The five track CD is laced with pure passion and dedication; adding emotion to each track.

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