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Wayne Allchin Band

"Guitarist Wayne Allchin, despite his unassuming stature, certainly proved size means nothing and with axe in hand broke into Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride & Joy” like a man possessed. Attacking the chords with such perfection that I am sure SRV himself was smiling down with delight." from CanadaJams, Friday, January 12, 2007
"For St. Albert’s Wayne Allchin, things really seemed to take off at the wise old age of 18 when blues great Buddy Guy invited him onto the stage of the Jubilee Auditorium to play a tune. Afterwards, a packed crowd gave the kid guitarist a standing ovation.

That winter’s night in 1993 was something Allchin will never forget, even if it hasn’t all worked out the way he was hoping. He admits he’s made his share of mistakes since then, but all these years later he may finally be on the right track. He’s working in a couple of different projects, including the rocking blues trio Blue Gator, which hits Rusty Reed’s House of Blues next week.

Allchin admits it took him a few years to figure out the realities of a creative career. “It took me a while to understand that the world didn’t owe me a living and that there was no point in trying to become Stevie Ray Vaughn II.”

One thing that threw him off course was the death of his biggest fan, his father, in 2000. But what’s kept him going is the musical relationship he has enjoyed for 12 years with bassist Bill Fuhrer and drummer Aaron “Gator” Shelemey in the trio.

He allows that his creative inspirations have also expanded over the years, and one of the local musicians he admires most, Bobby Cameron, is helping him produce a recording. Then there’s his part in another blues-rock band called Fox Pass, who are busy working on their own album. And working with special needs adults in his day job has been a whole other learning experience.

Given all that, Allchin hasn’t lost his boyish looks or any of his passion for making music, as a couple of recent demo recordings demonstrate." From the Edmonton Journal December 16, 2010

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