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Form 10

Greg Allen- Vocals/ Guitar
Aaron Taylor -Guitar/ Vocals
Richard Kusi-Menkah - Bass/ Vocals
Sean Delman - Guitar
CJ Beats- Drums

Edmonton's Alt-Punk mental health warriors, Form 10 blends together a range of influences including Bad Religion, Rise Against, Social Distortion, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Weezer, The Pixies, and Sum 41 to give you a modern, punk-tinged take on independent music.

The band name, Form 10 is a nod to the member's work in Emergency Medical Services and as a reflection on their Mental Health Advocacy. Their logo, based on the psychological standard Rorschach Test also serves as a reminder of this. "Without music, we are all lost;" states guitarist Aaron Taylor, "through music we can support each other and find a feeling of greater inner peace in one another."

With their high energy stage show and diverse set list, Form 10 continues to make waves in the Alberta music community.

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