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Pugs and Crows

Catherine Toren - Piano
Meredith Bates - Violin
Cole Schmidt - Guitar
Tony Wilson - Guitar
Ben Brown - Drums
Russell Sholberg - Bass

The term most often used to describe Vancouver’s Pugs and Crows is “soundscape,” for good reason. The music is textural, too jutting and jagged to be described as “ambient” but too creative and imagistic to escape comparisons with landscape for very long. Wrought sometimes dreamily, sometimes aggressively out of a collection of violin, double bass, guitar, piano, and drums, Pugs and Crows’ sound fits nowhere, so they’ve played everywhere, from punk clubs to jazz venues to bills with classical groups. No one knows how to pigeonhole Pugs and Crows, but everyone who hears them seems to agree that they’re very good, even if they’re not sure what kind of music to call them. Call them something you should make a point to hear for yourself.

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