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Hewson Grey

“Through the blizzard I could barely make him out. Slender with a hat, gloves and boots, he trudged through through the snow like a soldier on a mission and he was loving every minute of it”.

On his way to a jam, Joe Paonessa stumbled upon the scene above and gave Stuart Bell a lift.
Wouldn’t you know it, Stu knew how to strum too.
From the first couple notes, they knew there was something more to explore.

The two shut in for the rest of winter and wrote songs of a folk rock nature.
During this time new songs were arranged and the band began to carve out their distinct sound.

With the addition of drummer Ryan Crampton and Caleb Bradley (Acta Non Verba) on bass, Hewson Grey have revved up their live shows often times leading audiences on a mind-expanding voyage.

Every show is original and reformed with Crampton and Bradley at the helm of the rhythm. The backbone lays its bed neatly nightly and leaves listeners with little choice on absorbing and exchanging electricity with the stage. This pulse feels like a lipstick soaked stroll in a red light district. On any night you will hear cavernous guitars bathed in deep reverb and delay drenched Gilmour-esque soundscapes.

Hewson Grey's first single "Dancing In The Rain", debuted on a split 7" record with Tophie Davies Band by Sometimes Music. (June 17th 2016)

More recently, their brand new EP "Montes et Mare" is slated for release September 9th, 2016 on the Sometimes Music banner.

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