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Free the Cynics

Vocals - Rich Paxton
Guitar - Erik Juergens
Bass - Chris Carnduff
Drums - Joey DeCosse

'Free the Cynics defy the tired hat of rock ‘n’ roll and deliver something new and refreshing.' - Beatroute

'When you’re as good as Free the Cynics, well, you’ll probably want more than a quick hookup. In their two-year history, the quartet has shown they have what it takes for a long, steady relationship with the city’s rock scene. Their superlative new six-song release only seals the deal, a hard and heavy petting session that knows when to be rough and dirty, when to scratch and bite, and when to take it slow and steamy.' - Calgary Herald

Formed in early 2014, Free the Cynics soon began winning hearts in Calgary and all across Western Canada, with a tour in Spring 2015 supporting their debut EP 'Showtunes from the Basement'. With a unique brand of intense Rock n Roll mixed with scathing, often deeply personal lyrics and a powerful, energetic live show, Free the Cynics' eclectic mix of Rock n Roll, Pop, Blues, Alternative and Indie is always a crowd pleaser.

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