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Alfie Zappacosta

Alfie Zappacosta is undeniably one of Canada's premier songwriters and performers with a string of chart topping hits and a recording and acting career that has spanned 40 years. He has expunged stereotyping by continuing to “do it his way” in spite of industry trends, an effort that has been rewarded with a discerning and loyal fan base.

With a push from his father, Alfie Zappacosta decided on a music career in his teens and set his sights upon being a guitarist. When his vocal dexterity and song writing proficiency were uncovered by a publisher while writing for his first original band “Surrender”, events would be put in motion to champion Zappacosta (dropping his first name) as a solo artist and bring him to the world's attention. "Start Again”, “Passion”, When I Fall in Love Again” and “Nothing Can Stand In Your Way” became staples on Canadian adult contemporary radio and Zappacosta became a personified Rock Star.

In 1987, Walt Disney's Danger Bay would bring Zappacosta an episode written specifically for him titled "Rock Star". In the same year, he penned and sang "Overload" exclusively for the multi-platinum soundtrack "Dirty Dancing" and Loverboy would record Zappacosta's "That's Where The Money Goes" for their Wildside album. In 1988, he was awarded JUNOs for "Album of The Year' and “Most Promising Artist”, an American Music Award for "Most Popular Album of The Year" and named the Canadian Publishers Music Association's "Best Rock Star".

While Zappacosta is widely identified by his earlier career recorded above, he has not allowed it to define him. Underneath all the pomp and pageantry of the 80’s pop era , Alfie was really a crooner and a songwriter of the highest caliber. With a massive catalog of songs in many genres, Zappacosta true art is in his words and his god given voice. If you dig into his lyrics past and present, you will see the man and his heart. Some songs portray his real life experience, some were drawn from family life and muses on his journeys and others are well crafted stories worthy of sitting alongside the songbook masters.

Zappacosta's distinctive baritone voice did not go unnoticed by artistic directors and in 1990, he was called to deliver his greatest challenge of his career - singing Andrew Lloyd Webber. His portrayals of Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar and Che Guevara in Evita would bring a new audience to Zappacosta and support his efforts to delineate his pop/rock image - a moniker that never reflected his authentic personality. The release of "Innocence Ballet" in 1996 would introduce Alfie Zappacosta (taking back his first name) and give center stage to his true rich vocal prowess, his mastery at romance, his astute take on relationships and his advanced knowledge of music. He would be rewarded for his efforts with numerous award nominations in the Smooth Jazz genre and a performance with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in 2005.

Alfie Zappacosta has polished his live concert performances exposing his sophisticated, intimate and intense personality. His performances deliver a blend of acoustic, jazz and pop music prompting the listener to engage intently. And the hits that originally brought Zappacosta to the world's attention - Alfie hasn't turned his back on any of these songs. You will hear them in his program performed the way they were originally written and meant to be heard.

Alfie Zappacosta is a proud Canadian raised from Italian roots planted on Canadian soil. His Italian upbringing is obvious in his style and he pays homage to it in his performances. An evening with Alfie will bring the romance of the country to your heart with every note he sings and every word he speaks. It is the kind of evening that leaves you wanting more and looking forward to a time when you can do it again.

JUNO - "Album of The Year “
JUNO - “Most Promising Artist”
American Music Award - "Most Popular Album of The Year"
Canadian Publishers Music Association's "Best Rock Star"
Current Location
Edmonton, Alberta
General Manager
Pietro Divito Management
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Pietro Divito Management

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