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Ian McArthur

Ian is a very lucky guy in that he gets to play with some of the finest Edmonton musicians. On this album all the bass duties have been masterfully accomplished by the adept stylings of Rich Stenson. Rich was one the the first studio players to walk into my studio almost six years ago, and not only played on my album, he has offered me alot of help and advice and it is muchly appreciated. The drums and percussion are handled amazingly by the incredible Jeff Lisk and the equally incredible Trevor Bigam. Thanks to both of you guys for providing the bedrock for these songs. I played most of the guitars on the album, but on How Cool Is That? The silky guitar sounds you are being treated to are provided by the amazing Chris Duran. Thanks Chris you took my song to a whole new level. Siouxzen is the incredible vioce you are listening to on How Cool Is That? The vocals on A Prayer are sung beautifully by the amazing Connie McCall. Trace Jordan favors us with his vocals on Say You Don't Love Me and Phone Tag. Thanks Trace they wouldn't have worked as well with anybody else. Finally my brother Androo. He wrote the words and sang Rock My Way(that song is really old, we wrote it when we were kids, I think it stands up well). He also sings on I'm in Trouble Again and Lifes Songs. When I write a song for Androo's voice I know it immediately. Siouxzen sang harmonies on Lifes Song and they add so much I can no longer imagine the song without them. Septimus Alexander privided the haunting sax lines and great solos for Phone Tag. Thank you to every one who helped me achieve a dream. Blessings to all who play and enjoy music.

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