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Andy Traxx

"It has been said that life is a journey.... Well this may be true but can you imagine making your life's journey with out music ..................yeah I didn't think so !"

Andy Traxx.

Take a musical trip through time and space .

- Elvis - John Lennon - ZZ Top - Black Keys - Cash

Join with the Traxxman on a ride through the years.

- Rolling Stones - Billy Idol - Chuck Berry - C.C.R. -

Travel with the tunes that make up your life's musical journey.

- Dwight Yoakum - Eric Clapton - The Ramones - Hendrix -

Blues, Country, Pop, Rock 'n Roll the AM and the FM too.

- The Clash - Bob Seger - Steve Earle - The Beatles -

Make it a party and dance the night away.

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