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Punch Buggy

Punch Buggy

“The Gentlemen of Rock & Roll”

A dynamic 4pc rock band consisting of experienced, skilled musicians, and professional good time havers! They crank out all the high energy, fun, familiar, and danceable 90's rock songs and anthems everyone loves, with some Modern Hits and Classic Jams sprinkled in for good measure.

It’s our passion to make sure you are able to cut loose, forget about life for a while and just let the music take you back to simpler times with energetic grooves, harmonies, and engaging stage show.

So, if you're looking for rock and roll with power and passion, played with precision and panache - Punch Buggy is the answer. Let's party!

Rob Moyles - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Brendan Mcgonigle - Drums and Vocals
Tyler Marshall - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Glen McDonall - Bass guitar and Vocals

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