Edmonton Blues Festival 2022

Rotten Little Kings

Rotten Little Kings is a 4 piece rock band based out of Victoria BC, Canada creating original rock music with a countrified bluesy edge. RLK is Jason Ziebart, Ryan Hill, Dave Booth, and James Love.

Jason’s inventive mind brings lyrical stories and melodies to the table that the “guys “ help tweak into killer tracks. His voice is a clean throwback to the early years of rock ’n roll and is what helps country up a little of RLK's sound.

Ryan is a huge fan of all the drumming greats and lays down the beat with a solid but creative style that compliments each band member. To watch him behind his kit is like watching a hundred kids rip into their Christmas presents all at the same time.

Dave is a cool cat and what you dream of in a bass player…solid, tight and in the pocket. Come to think of it he must have a lot of pockets as he always brings just the right feel to each track.

James …well you hear of guitarist always searching for that “killer tone”. We think they are searching because James has stole it all and is keeping it for himself. That wall of sound that is RLK …thank you Mr.Love.

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