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Häxor came into being in the autumn of 2017, when drummer John Phillips (Greyhound Tragedy, Fat Dave Crime Wave) invited guitarist Sean Tracy (Grimmstone, Double Wide) out to jam and see what stuck to the wall. John's son Liam Phillips was recruited to nail down the lower register.

The chemistry was productive from the get-go, and informal jams quickly morphed into writing a full set. Häxor commenced recording sessions on a full length release in July 2018 at Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton. The summer was filled with live performances around Alberta, and the album is slated for completion in September 2018, with a release soon to follow.

The resulting songs are un-apologetically products of the influence of Häxor's favourite heavy rock and proto-metal artists. It's not hard to identify the strains and veins of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Kyuss, Clutch, Trouble, D.R.I. and Priest that run through the Häxor sound. But while the influences are apparent, there is a fresh and original quality to the material that comes from an honest group expression, as opposed to a slavish obedience to the limitations of genre or style.

The name HÄXOR is a play on words. Derived from both the term "h4x0r", referring to a gaming cheat or a computer hacker, and the Swedish word "häxor" meaning "witches".

This is heavy music, but a heavy sound that maintains musicality and lyricism even when hammering out the monster sized riffs. Big amplifiers, big drums, Old-school tone. Fucking Häxor.

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