Lawless Murphy

A southern Alberta rock/country, pop band comprised of four experienced musicians that cater to corporate and social events that seek great entertainment to engage your passion for live music. In one night we guarantee you will love our band..It's your party not ours..

It struck us all like a ton of bricks when we formed Lawless Murphy, the music still hits so close to home: it's simply the passion of the performance - on stage live that so brilliantly captures a state of mind, a feeling, a bevy of emotions. Cams lead locals, lyrics, and music often take a slice out of life and lay out all the conflicting emotions in a three minute sonic boom. During our performance, you will feel our passion for our music, you will sense a swirl of emotions like love, and passion, as we guide you on a musical journey.

All of this is compacted into 4 intense hours through Kevins flurry of wailing guitar notes, to Mikes bombastic drums, Cams whining synthesizers, and the dead-on bass lines conveyed in Duanes rhythmic bass playing. We play, you listen, and we are all there in mind, body and heart, put on display through words and music!

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