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Van Funk

Van Funk is blues/rock duo our of Edmonton with big sound.
Think Inner-city country blues.

Founding members of Van Funk are Jordan Funk and Jessica Fedorek.
Jordan’s gritty riffs and lyrics fit perfectly with Jess’s powerful voice and harmonica. Drinking songs are a staple for the band and Van Funks live shows are always a party. Van Funks drink of choice? Gin!

Van Funk spent the last year recording their debut album “13” and playing as many shows in western Canada as possible.
Recorded live off the floor with a select few songs adding overdubbed harmonica, guitar and keyboard. Van funk is known locally for their live shows and great sound and it was important to them that the record reflected that. With songs like young winds taken from a live TV performance and busking blues where they recorded outside to truly busk. Nominated for the 2012 Edmonton Music Awards as " Artist to watch" and performing live on Breakfast Television have helped take the band where they truly want to go, the road!

“Van Funk land themselves somewhere on the darker side of folk, the switchblades and chain side… This has led to the creation of a music that speaks volumes with an un-cuddly Barbwire edge.” – Void Magazine-

Jordan and Jess have known each other for over 13 years but it was only until recently that they started playing music together.
In 2006 their lives were tuned upside down. They decided to leave Edmonton for Tugaski Saskatchewan to fulfill a life long dream of theirs to build an acoustic guitar by hand. Little did they know in the process they would end up fulfilling another dream. Playing live music with each other
Their first show under the name Van Funk was Friday the 13 2011, They have been together for 13 years,they finished recording their album on Friday July 13 and released their debut album on Friday Dec 13,2013
Naturally their début album is titles “13”

Van Funk is independently financed, managed, produced and promoted. They shoot and edit their own videos and even make their own gig posters and for such a young band they have an exceptionally large catalog of original songs.

They play all original blues/Folk/Rock songs and with a cataloged as large as theirs they have sets for every venue/Festival.
Jordan and Jess have a passion for the “Road” and truly feel at home living out of a suitcase.

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