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The On the Run from Vegas Show

The On the Road to Vegas Show about Club Involvement and Topical Improvization.. the kind that some Career Lounge Entertainers often spontaneously partake in ! Not quite a Jam or an Open Mike...Delvis & Stevie are interested in aquiring a Horn Section and Backup/Feature Singers/Dancers...if your interested about this, let us know, and we'll have you join in for a few Tunes and you could end up on tour bus to Vegas..

The Vegas Show is about the "Las Vegas University of Elvis Presley Impersonation"... which turned out to be a screening agency for folks with Santa Claus DNA....

Both Delvis & Stevie were tested positive for the same DNA match as Santa Claus, and decided their skills and talents of (Playing Music, Psychic Awareness, Gambling as well as Fish Whistling and a sense of Goodwill to all people) should be put to the better good... rather then Gambling for Gangsters ! The Goal for Delvis & Stevie now is... to put together a band, and return to Vegas.... as Musical Warriors for the Human Spirit.

Stevie & Delvis have been playing music professionally for over 50 years each... Sevie plays the harmonica and sings, and Delvis plays the keyboards ... with a five channel Looper to get that Big Band Vegas Sound, and Sings as well.

Thank you...thank you very much !

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