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Perfect Storm

PERFECT STORM will jolt you out of a bad mood and send electrical shivers down your spine when you hear their mesmerizing harmonies and lustful guitar. This acoustic trio is a perfect crackerjack mix of soul, blues, country, pop AND they can also rock your socks off!!! Each musician brings a unique craft, drive, and jubilance of genius musicianship along with an entertaining! Dan Fontaine has a musical theatre background which meshes marvelously with his top-notch vocals. Loretta Lynn Orr is a very passionate first-class vocalist and also plays several instruments, reads and writes music. Along with Marshall Lawrence’s fiery approach to guitar playing/catchy song writing, Marshall has earned the distinction of a Maples Blues Award Nomination and Canadian Independent Music Award Nomination and is currently recording his 6th CD of original music! Dan and Loretta are also in one of Edmonton’s finest six-piece classic rock bands – PLAYING WITH FIRE. If you are looking for a talented trio, PERFECT STORM is a musical phenomenon to be reckoned with!

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