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Bo Aganaba

Bo Aganaba is a young singer/songwriter currently residing in Edmonton. He plays soulful acoustically driven music that immediately wins over listeners with his emotional lyrics and smooth, warm voice. His debut album, “Four Leaf Clovers and a Red Balloon” (Available on iTunes here) is a collection of songs that he has written over the last year or so that is a reflection of what he has experienced in life. “I find that the best and most meaningful music is something that you as a listener can be emotionally invested into” he explains. “I’m not going to sing about something that doesn’t emotionally affect me. Be it love, reflection, pain, whatever. It just has to mean something.”

Music has always been a big part of his life, guitar being the third instrument he picked up after piano and drums. His entire family is musically inclined in someway including his sister, recording artist Tonye Aganaba. “I’ve never had voice lessons, but growing up I would hear her practice and sort of copy her” he reveals. Both of his parents sang in choirs growing up and his father plays the tenor saxophone. Once Bo discovered the joy of playing live music, he was in bands all throughout middle and high school, playing local shows for the pure thrill of being onstage. “There is absolutely no rush like playing live. I don’t care what drug you’ve done, if you haven’t played live, you’re missing out.” He hopes his songs will provide his fans with a little insight into his life and be something they can share together.

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