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The Threads

The Threads were formed in 2009 and are based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The core of the band went to high school together and in University they split and went on to perform in different local Edmonton bands during the 90’s. Once reunited in 2009, The Threads put together enough strong material to record their debut CD Shinny and Deke. The album was released November 23, 2010. To date, we have sold approximately 1 CD (and given away approx. 168) but we are pretty confident that we will at least double our sales in 2012.

Shinny and Deke was recorded at Sound Extractor studio in Edmonton and engineered/produced by the amazing Stew Kirkwood. Shinny and Deke is a collection of older songs that we revisited and tinkered with as well as some rousing new material. The album itself has been described by some of our sober friends as "good", "okay", and "mediocre at best". When these same friends are intoxicated, they've described the album as "fuckin' spectacular", "mind altering" and "really, really, good...I didn't think you dumb fucks had it in you". One friend, who was listening to us practice recently, raved "I didn't really hear what you were playing, I was just thinking about what I was going to do in tomorrow's lacrosse practice". And that basically sums up The Threads, we strive to provide you with music that you can play in the background while you focus on more (or less) important things that are going on in your life.

So far, we've been playing smaller venues in and around Edmonton and have been well received. We are currently writing material for a new CD and hope to be back in the studio sometime in the latter part of 2012. You can check out the full CD on CBC 3.

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