Edmonton Blues Festival 2022

Ruth Blais & Friends

We were going to go a different way, but we realized that the upright and piano are not really a Dark Swedish Metal sound. So, figuring this was a close second, we decided to do the jazz thing.

What is it exactly that Ruth Blais and Friends do? Well, quite a few things actually. They perform legit jazz in a trio format, (voice, upright bass and piano). But they also perform pop and rock songs like you have never heard them before. Seriously, this stuff is crazy! In one moment you will hear your typical Nat King Cole tune and then… BAM! Its Britney Spears if she was Ella Fitzgerald. Or Rough Trade like a female Sinatra. Or Eric Clapton as interpreted by Duke Ellington. Oh ya, we should mention, the song choices are probably not what you are expecting, but when you hear them you’ll probably go “No Way! I love this song!”. What are they actually? Ha ha ha, well, for that you will have to take a listen. Speaking of which, what say you come inside and take a peek? I think you will be surprised.

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