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Ides of Winter

Ides of Winter

Edmonton, Canada. May of MMXI.

During a particularly horrendous spring thaw, IDES of WINTER emerged from the smoldering embers of several local metal bands that were not quite ready for entertainment careers. A new collaboration was formed with dedicated members each harboring the drive to write, record, and play the shit out of every single live performance. Although together for only a short while, IDES of WINTER went straight to work melding styles as well as writing songs which clicked right away.

So why assume a name meaning "the middle of winter"? All artists must draw inspiration from their surroundings. Northern Canadian winters dominate the senses. With a flourish of winter wildlife and wind-chills that can freeze you to the bone in minutes, the stage was definitely set. Armed with experience and a common goal, IDES of WINTER are prepared to meet any condition thrown at them, and eager to entertain the frost bitten hordes.

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