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The Truth

"They say first impressions are the most meaningful; The Truth defies that in every manner. When you first lay your eyes on this three piece from Beaumont, Alberta, you see sixteen year old young adults with guitars and basses hanging from the shoulders of Nick Reich and Darren Guy. Most teenagers can master both skills, but you look at Ben Reich and think “There’s no way he can use all those drums properly.” However the fan base they have built up knows what’s coming, and from the first line they’re no longer sixteen year old young men but progressive rock stars in the making. Their philosophy is that it’s time to get back to the soul of rock and roll and forget all the trash in the top 40 stations. It’s time to be moved to tears by a verse, swayed by a groove, riled up by a beat. It’s time to get real and shed blood, sweat and tears for what matters."

Written by our dear friend, Sabrina Kuhn.

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