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Whiskey Business

Just a bunch of musicians who have been in various bands throughout the years who got together to make some music.....good chemistry and lots of fun....the rest is history in the We first got together in November of 2011, jammed and played our first gig on March 2012 and we are moving forward and having fun along the way.
We play a variety of music from the 70s through to current artists including classic rock and some metal, so if you heard it on the radio, we probably play it. Some of the groups we play are KISS, ACDC, 4 Horsemen, STP, Judas Priest, Poison, Crue, and everything in between.
We are a 4 piece band comprising of Bruce Gyselinck on vocals and percussion, Shane Haldane on all guitars and backing vocals, Darren Suter on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Jay Suter on drums and backing vocals.
We like to call our friends and people who follow the band Whiskeyheads and encourage everyone to become a Whiskeyhead.

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