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Fair Blue

Hitting the Edmonton music scene with full force, you can certainly say that this band has come right out of the blue. With a distinct hard rock sound, these guys don't mess around with the musical necessities. Keeping only the skin and bones in their writing style leaves listeners with hair blown back and eyes wide open. Fair Blue's voice stems from the individual members unique styles merging into a single roar as a complete band. From the growl, whiplash and banshee scream of Joe Wozniak's guitar to the ground shaking thump and dissonance of Colin Ellingsen's bass. From the vibrating shock-wave and humming electricity of Chris Silver's vocals to the pounding ferocity and intricate drum strikes of Ben Brackett. This band has got guts. This band's taking the world by storm by taking the storm to the world. This band is... Fair Blue.

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