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The Able Kind .

The Able Kind is a Ska/Rock/Blues band based in the Edmonton area but originally from Wainwright, and was started in early summer of 2009. They play their wide variety of original songs in an aggressive rock style with a noticeable melodic structure.
They are fronted by a charismatic female singer with a soothing bluesy voice that could be compared to that of Alannah Myles or Janis Joplin. Momma C
at possesses a remarkable ability to find proper range, pitch and rhythm, helping to define The Able Kinds sound.
They have an innovative style that could be attributed to them being influenced by a large array of genres and artists, this is most evident in their fast paced drummer, who has obvious punk roots, but has developed a strong arsenal of abilities to adapt to whatever genre he is faced with. As original founder of the band, Copper has an idea about the message he would like to portray, whether it be through the lyrics he writes, or the work he does on the drums, he would like to stimulate social awareness and comradery through poetic, adrenaline driven music.
They have an energetic rock style that would not exist without an intense, focused guitarist who plays every note with raw, unrestrained emotion. Von Dort is a high energy guitarist with impassioned, vivid solos, and also plays with smoothness and clarity that is apparent in some of The Able Kinds slower paced Ska and Blues based songs. He feels that it is important to spread a message of peace and kinship, and try to inspire those things in society with the music and lyrics that he writes
This is all greatly augmented by a bass guitarist that seems to have no limits when it comes to his ability to add innovative and highly entertaining bass lines with his five string bass guitar. Bension comes from a very musical background and has extensive musical abilities. His blues background makes him perfect for the style of The Able Kind, and his acoustic guitar background has helped him to bring a style to the bass guitar that is rare in most of today's music.

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