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Eternal Prophecy

Not a band of one genre, but the product of anything and everything that is appealing the both ears and eyes. Every song, every performance will hope to amaze and astonish the listener/viewer. This is Eternal Prophecy
Coco: Grew up in the 90's under the influence of band's such as KISS, RATT, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne that, little did he know, would drive him to create the over-all sound, dream and entity that is Eternal Prophecy. Starting guitar at the age of 11, he was self-taught and that's where his style began to develop. He combines every element of playing imaginable, and has qu...See More
The product of half of a decade of perfecting, writing and piecing together, Eternal Prophecy will lead the new wave of music for this decade and beyond. While fads and styles will come and go, Eternal Prophecy will stay strong, and rise above to places where not many bands have been, and even higher. Metal is uprising, once again, and it's coming back a hundred-fold. There are no more excuses for poorly made music. No more excuses for pathetic stage performances. All of this is about to change, and you can expect great things from this band. Eternal Prophecy, and other bands who are sparking this revolution, will bring metal to the front-line again, and amaze the audience with stunning stage shows, flawless production, and some of the most articulate, well-composed music of our time.

Coco Lee: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

OJ FunkMasta : Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Franco: Backing Vocals, Drums

RayRay: Backing Vocals, Bass

Keyboardist Needed *

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