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The Disastronauts

Formed in early 2012, the Disastronauts are a five-piece rock cover band from Edmonton Alberta. Playing high-energy music tailored to getting people on the dance floor, the ‘Nauts take their music, performances and show very seriously. Do they take themselves too seriously you might ask? Are we about to see a bunch of Prima Donnas on stage?


The Disastronauts try and take a very different approach to their shows and it all begins with the big F word. FUN. What’s the point in going to see a cover band if they aren’t fun? With the dime-a-dozen mentality about bands, it is key for a band to put on a show that will be memorable, entertaining, with good quality tunes and a great sound. (Not to mention pack the house!) We are here to stand out. Stand out and put on a great live show. Sure the ‘Nauts make sure to play some of the tunes people expect. That’s our job. You’ll always get a blend of the top 40 as well as the classics with bands such as CCR, Stevie Wonder, Skynyrd and The Rolling Stones but with the Disastronauts you’ll also get the Black Keys, MGMT, Kings of Leon, Avicii, Black Eyed Peas and even a little Wolfmother. With the decades of experience the members of the Disastronauts bring to the table it’s also never a problem for them to tailor a show to the specific needs of a venue with little notice. You want an entire U2 set for St. Patrick’s Day – consider it done. You need some Adele or Lady Gaga for your daughters Bat Mitzvah in a week? Well, um… ok! Just be sure you also love your Canadian music. You’ll be hard pressed to see a Disastronauts show without hearing a lot of Canadian content. From the Hip, to the Trews, and even some Captain Tractor will be sure to pack the dance floor!

Yes, there are 5 of us. Yes that stage gets cramped at times. Why do we do it? Well… let me tell you. First and foremost, 3 part harmonies. As mentioned above, the ‘Nauts take their craft seriously. If you’re going to mail it in – why bother? The Disastronauts make sure we have everything covered. Every harmony, effect, sound and even didgeridoo is there if need be and it will sound AWESOME! Having 5 of us also allows us to do the things other bands can’t do (besides do an awesome human pyramid). Having 5 of us affords us the ability to incorporate anything we need to do without “something missing” to the listener. So that new song by what’s-his-name is really popular and everyone wants to hear it but it’s got keys, guitar, horns, steel drum AND a xylophone? We can do that, and do it right.

So to sum up what you get at a Disastronauts show… A high energy, high quality band that packs the venue and dance floor and guarantees everyone will have a great time and hear the music they want to hear, or your money back!

(No refunds will be given in actuality, but trust us, you won’t want it anyway!)

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