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Bill Bourne

Bill Bourne has been involved in music and celebration since he was a small child sleeping behind the piano at country dances where his parents played in the band. His mother played guitar at dances before Bill was born, resting the guitar on his little body while he was still within her...the sound of the guitar and the dance rhythms have always been with him.

His professional music carreer has spanned more than 3 decades. In that time he has toured the western world and released several recordings. He actively writes, records, and tours.

A veteran of the international roots scene, life on the road is reflected in Bill's music - powerful rhythms and soulful songs, steeped in Blues, World Beat, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Latin, Funk, Poetry and more.

Bill loves to collaborate with his musical friends. His recordings, both solo and collaborative projects, have attained national award status.

Juno Award winner Bill Bourne has received international critical acclaim for his recordings and live performances.

- The Beach House Arts Co-op

"This dude's plugged into a heavy mainline, his songs coming through him as a steady, soulful charge ... Bourne is about the human kind, and he's damn essential, obviously." - Brad Wheeler - The Globe & Mail

"(Bill Bourne) is Canadian music’s wild mystic who celebrates Eros over Thanatos, creation over destruction, love over hatred, light over darkness." - Robert Reid

Quotes from reviews of Bill's 2011 CD - 'Bluesland'

"Bill Bourne has down cold what most can't figure out in a tornado, a strain of the blues so earthily transplanted that you have to wonder if it isn't a whole new form. Even Billy Gibbons and the boys are gonna pull those snowy beards aside and mutter "Whoa…what's this cat doin'???"
- FAME review

"Recorded over three days last spring, this is tight and hot." - John P. McLaughlin - The Province (Vancouver, B.C.)

"...laced with an electric and youthful Rock & Roll infusion... Bill has collaborated with some remarkably talented musician friends for this new album resulting in a successful synergy of sound."

"Bill Bourne’s musically innovative approach transcends boundaries on this CD. Free Radio Dance Band combines five musicians from vastly diverse musical genres’ into a striking melting pot of talent." - Christine Falk - 'suite 101'

"free radio dance Band is a foray into the electric blues, it's licks skipping hot out of the speakers with an impressive urgency". - Bryan Birtles, Vue Weekly, Edmonton

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