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Audio / Rocketry

Bluegrass legend Bill Monroe may have never been familiar with the name, Audio/Rocketry, but when he said “It's plain music that tells a good story. It's played from my heart to your heart, and it will touch you. [This] is music that matters," he could easily have been speaking about them. Combining a DIY punk ethos and a love for roots music, the group has developed a rapid underground following over the past few years.

“Don’t forget the words you’ve sung. Don’t forget what makes you strong.” This March marks the release of their third album, Piloting… Staying true to their roots, the band will be touring heavily across the country in support of the release, bringing their sing along songs to small town honky-tonks, campfires and punk squats, picking up new friends and fans along the way.

The voice behind the poetry is frontman Joe Vickers, who along with bassist Matt Murphy and banjo/mandolin player Blair Drover forms the core of the band. While these two are ever present, live shows have been known to include up to six members who add everything from spoons to washboard to the mix. But one thing that can be said about the live Audio/Rocketry experience is that no matter how many folks may be on stage, the audience is always part of the band.

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