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Sarah Lillian

Sarah Lillian has had a love for music since childhood. Born and raised in Edmonton, Sarah grew up surrounded by music, listening to her father sing and play a variety of instruments. For her, it began at the age of 5 years playing violin. Through her childhood and into her adult life, she continued to learn how to play a variety of instruments, all playing a key role in her career today.
In 2010, Sarah began writing her on songs once she began to learn how to play the guitar and has never stopped.

In March 2012, Sarah debuted her CD “Making You Fall” which was released to great reviews. Her single “Gone for Good” is a prime example of not only her writing style but also allows audiences a glimpse into her own personal life. “Gone for Good” was written “for a guy who chose another woman over me and then for the next 10 years tried to win me back”, states Sarah. This song s about love and lost love and is relatable to just about all human beings. It has an edgy sound to it and is delivered through a great rhythm, catchy hooks and vocals that fortify the topic at hand.
“Making You Fall” captures the essence of who Sarah Lillian truly is. Her storylines are relatable and her delivery is outstanding. Her writing style is filled with variety and is open to many musical experimentation and interpretation to create the exact mood for the exact storyline. Whatever style she chooses to write in, it is a delight to her fans everywhere. She does not hold back when it comes to her music.

Sarah has recently opened for Chris Trapper and plans on being center stage in the near future.
You can listen to and/or purchase her music by clicking on the following links:

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