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Revolution Engine

Revolution Engine is a hard rock band with a sound driven by fat grooves, grinding riffs, and compelling verse. This alchemy of hard rock, hip-hop, and spoken-word influences, fused with a unifying message on many issues of the day, has produced an arresting experience for everyone that encounters this band’s live show. When asked about a Revolution Engine show, fans consistently comment on the band’s energy, passion, and sincerity.

The band draws influence from Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D., Linkin Park, and Papa Roach, but with a twist on the concept of protest music by promoting that the listener rise above rather than against.

Vox: Ken McCullough
Guitar: Glen Peters
Bass: Ryan Lawrie
Drums: Ben Busse

The band continues to grind out their place on the Edmonton scene and beyond.

Fist & Flame - New Album on iTunes:
Business Suit Bonfire:
Juggernaut Generation:
Lower Your Weapons:

Live Footage - Shakers Roadhouse - March 22, 2019

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