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Peter Brumen Band

Grew up just outside of Edmonton in Strathcona county on an acreage with my parents and younger sister. The family farm was sold back in the early 90's where i was born and raised on Country music from Garth Brooks selling out stadiums to the thunder rolls and callin baton rouge to Brooks and dunn red dirt road. Listening to this amazing music growing up inspired me to dream what seemed the impossible and learn to sing, write and play country music. I write from the heart and sing songs that I can relate to and have experienced through out my life. I have played at several festivals, rodeo's, open mic's and placed top 11 in the Edmonton Undiscovered competition for singers. The goal just like many other singer songwriters is to get my music out there so people can relate, sing along to, and enjoy experiences I have with music.... not to mention play in front of thousands of rowdy people looking for a good song to two step to.

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