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Funk Sway

Funk Sway is a group of four Friends combining an " in your face"infusion of soul, progressive, psychedillic, surf rock influences. Every song they create is based on life experiences and adventure, with a humanitarian twist. Magnetic rifts,solid drums and powerhouse vocals, which captivates fans and transports them into a world where idealistics become reality.

Funk Sway incorporates 10 years of individual musical experiences into one band that strives for professionalism and a new Lund everyone can enjoy. Consisting of :
Founder and lead vocalist , malukai Turnbull - strong and sassy , this leading lady brings over 10 years of blues,soul, and funk to a whole new level. Influences such as ani difranco, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and fleetwood mac inspire her to sing lyrics of life and healing through music she finds in her soul.

Founder and guitarist, Gerald kisoun,- with drive, and 10 years of experience Gerald brings out the progressive in funk sway, his influences are pink Floyd , rage against the machine and tool.

Drummer "T"- with at least 10 yeEars of drumming experiences in many of edmontons underground bands, T brings the groove from surf , and psychedelic rock to FunkSway. As the backbone of the bands rhythm , T combines his love of surf rock with influences such as nirvana, and the doors to heighten the bands creativity.

Bassist, mikes lockleen- his influences are great Canadian bands such as the tea party , nd rush it's no wonder why his band has nothing but respect for him..mike has been in other bands since 2008 and draws on his experiences to be a valuesd member of Funk Sway.

Funk Sway is sure to entertain and make you dance

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