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Enduring the Fall

Enduring The Fall has been going strong on the Edmonton Scene for 5 years. Founded by Rob Kadatz, over those years he's collected tallented players to join forces of which aide in every way to the sound that we create. Rob brings leadership and heavy grove to the band. Ryan Anderson joined up with Rob in the very beggining only by luck of meeting each other at Ryans place of work. Ryan brings Technicallity and diversity to the table when he plays his drums. There is no one else like him and is a true artist behind his drums. Mike Macdonald Came a few years after Ryan. When Mike joined up it was a breath of fresh air to finally find someone that could pull off the sound we needed effortlessly. Mike brings the full on attack with his voice to the table and we are very happy to have him involved in this band. David Slater came our way after the seperation of his band last year. He's a solid lead guitar player and brings a sound like no other to the table. Jason Duncan came our way as of last year. He brings a great bass sound and a pro attitude towards our music and we are truely appreciate his involvement in our band. Enduring The Fall has many goals and i hope each and everyone of you get to be a part of those goals. We write the music we do to reach out to everyone and to empower you, we hope in return you support Enduring The Fall on our quest to write the best music we can possibly make.

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