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Crowded City Skyline

Edmonton based band, Crowded City Skyline has a long history of writing and playing music together. This indie-folk group has been together for 5 years, but their history goes back much further. Zack Barker (guitar and vocals), and his older brother Josh Barker (bass and vocals), have been playing together since they were kids. Meredith Weir (vocals), has been involved in playing and writing music with Zack for a long time.
In the past few years, the group has spent a lot of time writing and recording, finding a unique sound. The addition of a third harmony blends a traditional folk sound while still being grounded in a contemporary feel. Their audiences can relate to the meaningful, personal songs written from the heart. Crowded City Skyline plays music that speaks to oneself while holding true to the soul of the world they perceive.

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