Grave New World

GRAVE NEW WORLD is an energetic rock band with 5 members.

Bryan Olsen on lead vocals and guitar , Jeff Allen on lead guitar, ,Johnny C on Rhythm guitarRyan Shoults on drums and vocals, and Darren MacFadyen on bass and vocals.

Why GRAVE NEW WORLD? as Huxley proposed , he wanted to entertain the masses with pure pleasure , not Orwellian fear ,which we are good at.

This band has been rocking the scene for 8 years and have played numerous gigs around town. We have played large venues , small venues and always looking for great new places to play. One of our biggest moments was we got to share the stage with international recording artists U.S.S. and pulled off some extreme energy for a great show .

GNW has done a fair amount of charities as well, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Edmonton Emergency Services, Stollery Hospital , as well as Edmonton Turtle and Tortoise Society, or anything that we truly believe in that is important to this world.

Some of our influences include , Stone Temple Pilots, Tragically Hip. Van Halen, Black Crowes , Led Zepplin, 54-40 , Billy Idol , to name a few. We also have a good list of originals that have got alot of attention within the music community.

Come check us out and lets have a real good time and share our energy with all the people, as Huxley proposed.!!!!

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