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Greg Symbaluk

I started young playing guitar. Played for years in small bands, doing bars and hall parties. As time went on, I had other things in my life that had my focus. It`s just been the last few years that I totally rediscovered music again with a passion. Still leading a busy life. I was torn between joining a band, or starting to tour around the Open Stage scene in Edmonton. This was a fantastic choice for me. It gave me the opportunity to play with many amazing artists in several gendres on music. It has allowed me to network on stage and inspired me to get back to work on my original music. I try to play 2-4 nights a week with various artists, and do some live shows sitting in with some great people. Very much looking forward to slowly getting my CD finished and released. This has really come together for me this year and I`m excited about all of it! Special thanks to all my friends that are so patient, and in the spirit of having fun and making music with friends that have thought to include me. There are so many of you. This songs now posted were great fun to do and recorded live Nov.9-10 at LB`s in St.Albert. Each of these guys are Blues vets and fantastic musicians. I have learned so much from them and really enjoy all the guys. Special thanks to: WAYNE ALLCHIN, MARSHALL LAWRENCE, MARY THOMAS, LYNNE CHWYL, GATOR,IAN MCARTHUR,JIM DYCK, SHAUN COONEY, GERRY PEARSON, MARK AMMAR, NEIL VAN DIJK,SHELDON SMOKE, RANDY FORSBURG and so many other cool people I`ve met.Good players and friends friends kind enough to let me sit in for a great evening of blues. Currently writing and rehearsing with Stew Frank, we have played together for 25 years.

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